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The MyCar EV solution was designed around you. It was made to move you around your community in comfort and style.  Our premier model, the City Spirit is the perfect complement for anyone who lives in a cart friendly community or who travels mostly on 35mph roads or less.

Interior tech package

The Interior

Enjoy total comfort thanks to full climate control, a 4 speaker stereo system, and a fully enclosed cabin.

We put all the convenience of a standard car, a/c, stereo, power windows into the fun size of a golf cart. We also made it all electric because it's more convenient for you and great for the environment.

— 2018 City Spirit



The exterior protects the driver and passengers from the heat, humidity, rain and anything else trying to interrupt your day

The Idea

Why do people use golf carts outside the game of golf? It's simple because it's easy, convenient, and down right fun to use these little vehicles for short trips around the town or community. The only problem is a golf cart was not meant to be used of the course. They do not protect from rain, unless you add doors or a cover, but then the heat/humidity will make you sweat so much you will want the rain! The other issue is there are no locking doors so you cannot store anything of value in them as you pop into a store a friends home. The list goes on...

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The Solution

The MyCar EV Spirit was designed to give you all the ease, convenience and fun of a standard golf cart but then take it to an whole new level. We have a fully enclosed cabin to protect you from the weather and added air conditioning. We put in a 4 speaker stereo, because driving and music just go together. We also added a key fob so locking/unlocking is just as easy as it is on your car.

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Countless Benefits

The weather does not dictate your plans. If it rains you close the power windows and put the a/c on.

If it is too hot to walk around your community, take MyCar for a spin.

If you are tired of paying insurance and maintenance on two cars when they are barely used, get ride of one and use the MyCar LSV for those short runs to the grocery store or restaurant.

Tired of running out of gas? Just plug the MyCar into any standard outlet and charge, you get 80 mile range on average.

How do you see the MyCar improving your life?

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