MyCar Ev is a 100% electric cart that gives you more


The MyCar was designed around you. It was made to move you around your community in comfort and style. With a top speed of 19.5 mph, this golf cart is the perfect compliment for anyone who lives in a cart friendly community.


More than just a golf cart


Many people who use "golf carts" do not golf. Carts are a convenient way to move around the community, stay active and social. If your main use of a golf cart is off the golf course you should consider a MyCar. Below are just a few features that highlight the level of comfort and style.

Covered golf cart

Totally Climate Controlled

Air conditioning and heating

All MyCar's come equipped with full heating and air conditioning standard. The interior is fully enclosed to keep you and your passengers comfortable. Why let the rain, humidity, or pesky bugs affect your plans? 

MP5 GPS_proc copy.jpg

Audio System

Available Touch screen

Music and driving just go together. That is why every MyCar comes with an audio system and speakers. We also offer an upgraded stereo system that features a touch screen and usb connection.

key fob

Remote Key FOB

Remote access lock and trunk release

Keep your cart and it's contents safe and secure with the touch of a button.

many features

So Much More

All these features come standard

Power windows, sunroof, seat belts, headlights, and so much more.

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